Important Announcement (Jan. 16, 2021)

The Officers come to you now with some disappointing news. Based on the considerations presented below, we have determined that it is not in the MINI5280’s best interest to host MINIs in the Mountains (MITM) in 2021.  

Typically, MINI5280 would be well into planning the 2021 MITM event. MITM is our signature national motoring event, and usually held over four days in late summer in the odd-numbered years. Not surprisingly, planning has been delayed due to the numerous COVID restrictions in place across our state, but as recently as the December 5 club meeting, we were hopeful to move forward with planning a scaled-back event for July.

With that in mind, the Officers again considered the tasks needed to plan MITM, which include, and this is a partial list:

Securing a location (Town/City/Resort)
Securing hotel blocks and meeting facilities in that location and placing deposits
Meeting with local tourism boards and law enforcement
Scouting all the facilities and drive routes multiple times
Securing vendors and sponsors
Signing agreements, including minimums for food, drink, etc.
Logo design

Gear ordering and production (again, agreeing to fulfill a minimum)

First on that list is securing a location. We have contacted several towns and resorts in Colorado. With the impacts and unknowns of the ongoing COVID pandemic, none have been able to agree to host the event this year.

We also considered that there is inherent risk to our Officers and Planning Committee volunteers associated with the planning activities.  Scouting the venues and routes involves additional points-of-contact (every route has multiple stops at gas stations, for example). Thus, simply conducting planning activities may increase an individual’s risk of exposure.  

There are also monetary risks to the Club. As a not-for-profit, we maintain a limited level of funding needed to operate the club and host MITM year to year. Receipts from a given MITM event go towards funding the next MITM.  With the extensive unknowns, we do not believe it prudent to place any deposits at this time.  

Given the ongoing outbreaks and although vaccinations areunderway, we anticipate that attendance would be lower than normal because many people are not willing or able to risk exposure.

Therefore, after much consideration, MINI5280 will not be hosting Minis in the Mountains in 2021.  The Officers will monitor conditions in Colorado throughout the year, with hopes that we can host a weekender or two later in the year and that we will be able to begin planning the next MITM in the fall.

We appreciate the feedback received from members on a recent Social Hub posting and via other means. If there are any questions or additional feedback, please email .


Chris Hudson, President
Jose Bonilla, Vice President
Erin Shay, Treasurer
Kim Pirri, Secretary
Rick Gonzales, MITM Co-Founder